What I Am Hoping Being Positive About 12/21/2012 3 More Months From Now

What might be a more Positive and Hopeful marking of 12/21/2012 of the Mayan Calendar. Is this World gets an Awakening!

An Awakening about how most beliefs have been our lies and people get realizing they have been living in a Fake World of beliefs and ideas.

I think since yesterday that I kind of heard in the News from an ancient piece of writing, that has been kept from the rest of (Us) and the World in our History, Is that from being truthfully kept (Us) from being aware of:

Jesus was not a Bachelor and Celibate.  That there is now an ancient record account that he had a Wife (?) (And those who find it authentic, I am to agree with it.)

And That this Awakening will be that Many should begin to realize that most Religions are really about having Extraterrestrial Aliens that have been disguising themselves as all these ancient Religious Gods.

And how so much of the world has been deceived by erroneous beliefs and lies as to Theism and/or even that of being Atheism to a point.

(Why is the Universe the only Superior Existence as a Firecracker Explosion more Important for this Existence as Unconscious Matter?, than our very short lived Conscious Experience? This Mystery to me is the most disturbing when I think either way about Theism and Atheism.) * 
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Sep 20, 2012