I Think History Has Some Answers (i Hope?) Return Of Ets

Again! I'm not thinking 12/21/2012 means Apocalypse ... End of the World.

I have been trying to get History. But I have a Fog Mind to recall things I try to learn. About other Mayan Calendar Dates. The Smaller Cycled Ones had a Date around the Time the Spanish Inquisition showed up in Central America. You know? around the 1500's.

What I heard was when the Spanish Inquisition showed up in ships. They saw the Native Americans showed up at the Shore to Greet the Spanish Inquisition with the Idea they were the Sign Of the Return of the Gods.  What would be the Sign of the Return of the Gods?  That has also been my learning and inference to believing in Intelligent Extraterrestrial Aliens. The Mayan's have been thinking in the Astronomical Cycles that also have Being's from the Universe that Show Up on our Planet.

 Yet, what the Native Mayan's did at that time was that they Greeted the Spanish Inquisition as thinking they were their God's from the Universe, was a mistake.  So it is difficult to know what is exact all the meanings, from some idea ones. And why then did the Spanish Inquisition Burn their codas-us. Because being the ... (Anti-Christ = (As they Were) ...) didn't like what the Native Mayan's put their trust in. 

But I think I have some idea what might happen.  We may get a Visit?

How the Earth will stir from this, is what may happen. Only the Meek will be in Kind to the ET's (Pick Up), but Human Ego? The ETs may not take Kindly (?)

(My ideas of what I am thinking.)
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Nov 29, 2012