Something Between Me And Here On E P 12/22/2012 12/30/2012

Anyone knowing (Me) (?) here on EP. Should notice something Strange after: 12/21/2012.

I will not be On-Line and On here. Like I usually (Am).

Happy Holidays!
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

:( huh?

Going to Sacramento, California to Visit my Mother for Christmas. And my Sister is providing it. My mother maybe reaching her Life Expectancy. Last time I may see her alive. We don't agree on Political Views. That Aside. My Mother is my Mother.

:( Sorry to hear that, well hope you have at least a safe holiday :)

Oh?! Nothing about the World, but a Factious Metaphor about with this Group. That I am tossing into this Group with.