January 2013

Okay, now what, now it's officially 2013?
krool1969 krool1969
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Now that it is 2013..get a new calendar , diary and phone book ..if you still use these, although everyone got an ipad :)
Oh! Happy New Year :))

I have to get a new phone AGAIN?!!!!!!!!

do you want to?

Every few months they come up with a new phone. A few years ago I had a perfectly good cell phone that work well for what I needed. Unfortunately my carrier decided not to work with that older model. I was forced to throw out a perfectly good phone that worked and spend $150 on a new phone that had a lot of cool new features that I really didn't need. While the new features were handy, fun, and cool, I would have rather spent that $150 on something else.

hmm..now you again want a new one!

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