In All Honesty...

I believe wierd things will happen in 2012 because people want them to. People want to prove the Mayans right (along with whatever religion with which they are affiliated). Not only that, but everyone will be scrambling to get their affairs in order in preparation for this "grand apocalypse" which will cause utter chaos. There is no higher power that will cause these things to happen, it's just us doing it to ourselves.

godsmack666 godsmack666
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5 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Woah! And I thought I was getting bummed over something too weird... <br />
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:}<br />
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P.S. the face is sticking its tongue out at you

haha, so true.... both of you.

Great I mark this on my calendar . Missed the last two end of the world . Getting bummed out I keep missing these things .

That's what people keep saying but we continue to prove them wrong at every turn :/

The term 'self-fulfilling prophecy' comes to mind. <br />
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Hold on a sec, we're the "advanced" species, right?