2012 Just Feels So Strange

I just want to know why do people say that year is going to mean something. I mean, I don't think God will do that to us. Because we can go insane, thinking about it too much. If God, is the only one, then why are we worrying as 2012 approaches. Then that would mean that we know. Don't it. Don't it mean that. I mean why don't we just focus on the beauty of 2010-2019, and so on. Is it because we can't stand the fact that we are going to die one day. Unfortunately, we are, *facepalm*. Once again, we don't know. And people are cruel to pick any year that sounds spooky to them. God don't want us to know, so we shouldn't guess.

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Well I think to ob<x>jectively look at all the possibilities you need to clear your mind from what you were taught and look at everything with an open mind. Like a scientist would and then it isn't so scary. I mean the only thing we know about God is what the Bible teaches us so really anything is possible. There is so much that is not written or known. I find comfort in the coincidences between the bibles prophesy of the rapture and the end of the Mayan calendar. I mean if it is gonna happen then there is nothing we can do about it. I was raised with many religions as well as atheism and I choose to believe that there is a higher power, not just because I was taught this on many levels but because I find comfort in it after practicing and exploring life with no religion. I have to be true to me before I can be true to anyone else and if I hide in my religion I will be noting more than a fixture. I say bring it on and in the mean time I plan to just enjoy and make everyday as if it was 2012. <br />
<br />
Here is a fun and interesting article...<br />

Like i said before i welcome the idea of the purification, now more than ever. You see i was cursed with the ability of sight, a sight that many posess but never know. If you think that this year has been bad so far wait till fall, and winter. The changes of this planet dictate the actions of all life upon HER. The US is at the point of no return our nation will soon finish the fall that all great empires of the past have gone through. The machine and TPTB have no conscience, all they want is MORE. They have sucked the planet dry and they have used and lied to the masses for centuries. The fall of America started long before 9/11, and it will be finished from with-in. We the People must rise up against the machine and stop the filth from getting away from justice. We must tear down what has been tainted and rebuild America for the sake of our children. We must ensure that never again will the burdon be placed upon the unborn. We the People of the United States must stand up NOW before it is too late. The eliteist scumbags are prepared for what is to come, they know what is coming as do i. We must make hast, for the evil ones of this world, their time is short and they know it. TPTB will never let us know if the end is to come, they almost have what they think they need to carry out their agenda. Their agenda is to use us up for their own needs and leave us hanging in the face of annilation. Call me a fearmonger all you want, just don't say you were not warned. If you would call me selfish for such beliefs,then you must not have children. It is the children who are to suffer for all the evil done, and i for one will kill to save my child. I will lay my life down like my forefathers laid theirs down, sacrifice of life is sometimes needed to evolve. It is only life, and death does not harbor ones soul, a soul belongs to only GOD. I know that ALL is against mankind. God will not and can not interfear, it is our will to go by the way of our own choices. Those who chose to got out evil will stay evil forevermore. Those who chose rightousness will shine in the heavens for eternity and leave a legacy of pride and glory. We must make sure that materialistic ideals never again dictate and blind mankind. We must enstill in our children that living as one together and together with our Mother Earth is the only way to live in peace.

demon apocolypse. i've seen it my dreams thousands of times. sadly i've never been wrong when it come to premonitions. i was given plans though. by that time some people will awaken to a power if they haven't already. i foresaw a worldwide escape to abother dimension and then a war to get back our planet. i can't get into to many details but i know for a fact that at least 45 people in every country have been chosen to recieve special powers. demons are not going to go down so easily with conventional weaponry. god has seen this coming for along time. i know that i am one of the chosen because i have power that is only seen in fiction or legend. i know also that two souls inhabit my body mine being the dominant one and the other who takes control when i black out. i know this may be hard to believe or understand but i don't lie about this stuff.

It is said that in 2012 the earth will stop and will begin to rotate in the opposite direction.thats all.<br />
Well dont get scared of prmonitions and things.<br />
Just try to be as best and good as you can.<br />
We all will die someday. Lets die with a memory of a beoutifull life full of soul love and fights for justice.<br />
Love and care and the world will live.<br />
<br />
The earth will never die unless WE destroy it!<br />
<br />
Choose to love and protect and the future generations will live.<br />
<br />
Choose to hate and to not care and our sons and <br />
doughters will live verry hard lifes...<br />
Each human choises ARE everyone's future!

I agree with PuzzleGuy713 100%...we do not know how much bad things we are doing to nature which can get right back at us if it keeps going on for years. So there is going to be a change sooner or later. People will soon start to realize that drilling for oil..driving cars everyday..pollution..digging up resources out of the earth..exploding earths surface for diamond gold..creating big mines...its not just one thing that can affect us..all the things put together can bring harm to our planet..we must change now and let go of most of the things so the world can start healing..From where humanity is heading now i dont believe we are going to change UNTIL something bad happens.

I'll listen. You come with the blueprint.

How do you think it can be started? I'm on the bandwagon, man.

@PuzzleGuy713: I love what you said. I am going to try and quote that last paragraph on my profile. That was great, man.

@nm156: I understand completely. But I know is it mentioned in the Bible, that we are supposed to worry about our own souls. I mean, we can never be God. Yes, I understand everything, NM.. But we got to see what God is going to do with the world. I always Revelation in the Holy Bible to get some understanding. But keep in mind, also, that Satan, is still alive. He hasn't been thrown in the fire. There are demons in Hell, but Satan isn't there for life. I wonder how hot Hell can be.

@PuzzleGuy713: We could be wrong. People are not right all the time. I love Jesus, I wlll never forget it. But people could be wrong, and the world will be the same as now. Now I know you want changes, Puzzle Guy. But we will get those changes in Heaven. We will be there forever, and ever. Nothing is going to happen in 2012. Nothing happened before, nothing will again. I think people should give their hopes up. Heaven is the spot for me and your eternity. Don't worry about this world. Just stop trying to create something. Lets love ourselves. I understand the Bible verse, but that may not happen for another 5,000 years. I think we need to stop creating things.

@rickibrat2: Can we hope to be wrong? Do you know people are going to commit a lot of crimes, because of this? We should not delude ourselves to believe. No one else is even think about that date. Me and you need to just get right with Jesus, just in case we leave this Earth early. I hope to live to 120 years old. So I want to live another 95 years. I want to be a grandfather, and a great grandfather. You seem young.

I've been seeing this world go the hell in a hand basket for some-time now, call me cruel but I would welcome the end of the world as we know it. This world needs to be cleansed, Evil has permeated every aspect of our lives. Everyday it seems to get worse, I've witnessed things that have shaken me to the core of my being. To me the writting is and has always been on the wall, if you do dirt you become dirt, the filthier the individual the further from the grace of spiritual advancement. The Nephilim were so hated by God, for they were filthy abominations, they were destroyed SO...why not the filth of Man? Many have become so desensitized to the evil around them, for me my escape was to go and spend some-time with nature. I've noticed that nature has stop giving comfort, as if anger has overwelmed it. I also feel down deep inside that this is a sign of bad things to come, for creatures of nature always know before any man that great changes come. The wiidlife in my region are displaying very odd behaviors, patterns, changes. Something is wrong, and it's not all mans' doing. Just STOP and listen it's that easy.

i think you are right<br />
strange thibgs are going to be going on then<br />
just look at the hand wrtitting on the wall the weather

We don't know when it is going to end, and we don't know when we are going to die. Everyone just keeps targeting that year. It just what it is. Fear. There will be many, many, many, many more years. I just need to believe and have faith. Stop letting Satan trick me.