I've Had It

I've realized somethings. I work with and have a lot of idiots in my life. Have you ever known someone or even known of someone that constantly does stuff you and everyone around them know is stupid but they think they know everything and have it all figured out so they do it anyway...only to come crying to you a few months later because it worked out like you knew it would to begin with. Or how about those people that no one is ever good enough for them. You could meet the sweetist person ever and these people would find something wrong with them either their personality or their looks and do nothing but put them down behind their back. So far I'm naming just about everyone I work with and most of the people I know. And I'm getting so very tired of it. I realized something today...being at work...it's just a bad feeling there. That's why I'm never happy when I'm there and that's why I get so angry so quickly while I'm there. I'm happy and peaceful and having a great day until I get around these people...my mood changes just being with them. I instantly start to feel angry all the time and like I have to defend myself all the time. See I have some good people in my life...and I can be around them for hours and never once get upset or frusterated or anything...I can get around some of these other people and I'm instantly different. And I don't like it...I don't like the feeling of it. So today I'm thinking it would be really nice if stupidity was painful...maybe then people would grow up a little and actually be human ya know.

(sorry I had to rant for a few...I feel better now :D)

pepsi21addict pepsi21addict
22-25, F
Jul 10, 2007