Enema Progression

UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATING SOME OF THE SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED BY THE ANALLY EROTIC WOMAN.  It all began when I was about 8 or 9, having been admitted to the local hospital for "tests" to ascertain the causation of a persistent feeling of fullness in my tummy. This was the beginning of my full appreciation for the feelings that an anally erotic woman experiences when she is lubricated and given her enemas.

A young nurse advised me that I was to be given a series of very large barium enemas, that I would be fluoroscoped after each enema while I was completely full, and that she would be the one giving me the enemas, assisted by another nurse. Needless to say, I did not fully comprehend what she was describing and I was very apprehensive when the time came and they trundled me down to the  x-ray dept. and put me on the table. The head nurse was very attractive and quite professional and went out of her way to comfort me and prepare me for what was to come; nevertheless the butterflies in my tummy were almost overwhelming when they prepared a huge, thick barium enema and poured it into a red rubber bag which they suspended from a pole beside the table. Although I was too young to have an erection, the sight, sound and smell of the enema, the enormous red rubber enema bag, the red rubber tubing, and the feeling of her rubber apron against my bare skin - all generated a profound sense of deep personal committment, mixed with dread and resignation.   It all stemmed from the absolute control she had over me, especially when she looked at me while she palpated my tummy and lubricated my anus and the long enema tube in preparation for the delivery of the high barium enema.

She inserted me and released the the enema, gradually feeding the tube up me, all the time feeing my tummy as it filled and tightened under the relentless flow of fluid. She did her best to calm me down, and I tried my best to be her strong little man, but the enema was totally overwhelming as she and the fluid simply conquered me and reduced me to a moaning, whimpering little fellow who was struggling and doing the best he could to follow her instructions, take deep breaths, take it and fight the ever-increasing, tremendous pressure of the thick barium enema loading his tummy and rectum.

Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, she stopped the enema, removed the long tube, and replaced it with a double bardex retention nozzle which she inflated, sealing the enema in. She and another nurse, an older woman, then helped me down from the table and steaded me as they assisted me across the room to the fluoroscope behind which was a female doctor waiting to view my loaded intestines. I was instructed to face the machine, spread my legs, and stand up ramrod straight with my shoulders all the way back, so that my heavy, aching tummy, tight as a drum and fully distended, stood way out in front of me, to the extent that both nurses had to steady me my while the doctor viewed my bloated bowels.

Eventually, after putting me in many different positions before the fluoroscope over a twenty-minute period, they helped me to the bathroom, released the bardex balloons and steadied me on the toilet while torrents of hot enema jetted out of me and churned into the bowl, leaving me exhausted and completely spent. Then they cleaned me with warm washcloths, gave me something to drink, and helped me to bed and kissed me goodnight.

IMAGE TO REMEMBER: The red-faced, totally defeated young boy, tummy fully distended and tight as a drum, having to stand in front of three, very attractive, professional women who are in complete control of his bodily functions, while they make him hold the enema and manipulate him to their satisfaction before allowing him to go to the toilet. 

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Now, with the foregoing in mind, fast-forward many years and appreciate my recent experiences with two very anally erotic women, each of which experiences spanned a period of several years.  These are, of course, two unrelated individuals - Sparri and Jen -  with very different personalities; nevertheless, they do share certain characteristics, to wit:

1.  Both are very intelligent, considerate and compassionate ladies who lead very active and productive lives, engaging in community activities and sharing constructive, professional relationships with others.  Sparri is single and Jen is married with two children. 

2.  Both are very attractive, Sparri being petite and in her 30s, Jen slightly  larger, taller and in her 50s.

3.  Both are extremely anally erotic, Sparri slightly moreso than Jen, nevertheless both share a deep need for anal, rectal and intestinal "attenton and fulfillment" as often as possible.  (Sparri lives in the midwest and I have seen her almost annually in Atlanta, although I know she has someone to give her what she needs at home as well; whereas Jen lives in North Carolina and has her enemas more often and on a more regular basis.)

 4.  Both have an intense need and desire for anal and enema training, treatment and control - to the extent that, when the enema is discussed and/or presented, they become immediately aroused, quite vocal and visibly needy...e.g., the nipples become fully erect and hard, and the clitoral hood and labia swollen and firm.  (In Jen's case, the glans has usually popped from the hood by the time the enema is ready.)

 I have to stop here, but tomorrow evening I want to describe, by way of example, a typical episode with Sparri and Jen respectively.

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