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I know someone who when they're upset vents like someone who cusses but replaces sh_t, damn, or f_ck with toned down words while implying the same meaning. Seems to me it means the same thing. Replacing f_cking with frigging means basically the same thing doesn't it?

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My bad

At now 63, I do find it funny that many people take offense at the use of a curse word when in reality they are just as apt to think the same thing but their pretense to being above of using such is so obvious!<br />
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Words are just words, and thoughts just thoughts and for me, as long as they are not hateful or directed purely at someone's race, sexual orientation or beliefs,<br />
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What is the big ******* deal?

I didn't grow up with it in my home, but when I started working at 16 I was surrounded by men who cursed like sailors and picked up a vocabulary that wasn't in the dictionary.

Funny that you say that, I know another person who acted like she was having a heart attack when I said f_ck in front of her, it was like a Sanford and Son rerun "Martha I'm comin'!"

Love your reference to Sanford&amp;Son...but the phrase was "Elizabeth, I'm coming to join you!"

Some people have no sense of humor. I do!