They are just words, and I am not offended by them, but when someone uses them in harsh tones or says them every other word in a sentence, it does start to get on my nerves. I generally try to use swear words only when it's funny or going to illustrate my point better, and I rarely say them around the elderly, clergy, children, or overly conservative-looking people. lol

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I too use swearing to make an impact in a funny or serious way, but I hate hearing it too much. Very occasionally I have sworn on these pages, but only when I thought it appropriate. I must admit, there have been a few people (someone immediately springs to mind!) to whom I would love to let rip and deliver a foul-mouthed tirade to, but I've resisted, so far........<br />
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I think you're right alana. They don't especially bother me either but I respect the wishes of those who don't care to hear them. I do swear occasionally ... usually for effect or as a joke. A lot of their power is lost with over-use anyway, but they do get on my nerves when someone peppers their "conversation" with them.