I Am He As You Are He As You Are Me and We Are All Together.

For some years I have contemplated the similarities between atomic structure and our solar system, as well as the similarity in chemical composition of all substances in our physical universe.

Lately, studies in quantum mechanics and the emerging 'string  theory' suggest that all things are composed of the same basic element.  

This similarity of composition suggests that we are at one (at least on the physical level) with nature and with one another, although the present reality may seem quite different.

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5 Responses Feb 16, 2009

So facinating , I am so excited , since my childhood I have thought about these things, even drew little circles all the time which represented the planetary system and the smallest particle we know of. I wonder where the atom went when it disappeares? Loved mirobiology, always thought there must be endless things to discover about the atom , the molocule the and it's molecular structure and our universe and our individualism. I have experienced that oneness and at the time I was incredably effected emotionally , I was awh struck . I am thirsty for more, I want to learn something new all the time...how can anyone get bored when there are new developments coming in all the time regarding all these things. I wasn't good in mathmatics but I wish so I could get a grasp on the things like quantum physics. I can understand some things but on a different level I guess. Thanks Heavyduty for the story here, keep um coming! You people have wonderful minds and so honored to meet you all.....sofican .


I am very interested in this and I believe we are all connected and affect each other

Great story! I enjoyed reading it :)

Hopefully that new collider will expand on this theory with the higgs boson particle and dark matter. Fascinating stuff!