That All Is One, Or That All Is Connected?

I know that I believe that everything is connected somehow, no matter how distant.  But if all is one?  I used to think of these two beliefs as one and the same, but now that I think about it, I'm not so sure.

What are the implications of the statement "all is one"?  If all is one, than everything is connected, but vice versa isn't necessarily true.  If all is one, then that means that every other living being (or non-living, depending on how far you take this statement) is one of me (you, everyone, everything), as if we are all a piece of a whole, or maybe the entire whole simultaneously existing in different locations in space and time, in many different forms.

Does that then mean that one is technically completely alone in the universe?

Sure, there are many, but if the many are all one, then there is really only one.  If one were to expand their awareness to be present in this reality, would they feel a sense of connectedness, or would they feel completely alone?  I think that they would feel alone.  Because they would realize that only they exist, and that everything else in the world is just another manifestation of themselves.

To a lesser degree, if you wanted to go with the belief that within all is an aspect of the one (as in, a supreme being, universal life force, whatever you want to call it), then perhaps connectedness would be the result of becoming fully aware and living in that reality, because it reaches a balance between connectedness and separateness. 

People so often speak of separateness as a negative thing, but without it, there is no differentiation between anything at all.  It's like (literally) living with only yourself for all of eternity.  Sure, you have many different aspects of yourself that can keep you entertained, but it's just not the same as interacting with different people and ideas

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We're all here on earth to live as a unit, but unfortunately most people don't live as 'one'. People more live in a me-world then a we-world. If people would only become more conscious that we all have the same basic needs (love, safety, food, shelter, health,..) we would pay more attention with each other and make decisions that won't create wars, crisis, hunger, ... all because so many people let their life rue by their ego: selfishness and greed. It's sad.

Should have been "rule", not "rue" :)

Aside from what physicists have discovered about connectedness or oneness, it might be interesting to consider here the "at-oneness" experienced by yogis and other mystics when they go beyond the conscious mind. Even I, with my tiny bit of realization, know what it's like to live in several bodies at once, and we are told that that experience has been multiplied, so to speak, to include, not only people, but suns and realms -- a realization of oneness in the laboratory of each individual advanced mystic.

I believe what your saying is true. It's like a glass of water being all energy if a drop gets spilled it's still the same water just in a different place!

so do you mean that it is interaction that gives us a sense of "oneness," not us literally being <i>only</i> one (a one that experiences this one-self as many)?

ok, just to clarify that I get what you're saying: in the solarxmoon cosmos (my reality), everything is a variation of myself. This is my reality, my existence. In another dimension, you have your own reality/cosmos, existing simultaneously, where everything is a variation of yourself (and so on, with everyone having their own cosmos and unique perception of reality where everything is a manifestation of themselves). When we share something in common, the same view/belief on an aspect of our reality, then our cosmos/realities intersect. And that is how we are connected?<br />
<br />
What if there is a being with whom we share nothing in common? Do they not exist in our reality at all? Would we have the capability of perceiving them and their views?<br />
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So with this idea of the intersecting cosmos, it seems that a large part of reality is relative to the person experiencing that reality. Do you believe that there is any part of reality that is absolute, and shared by all, whether they believe it to be true or not? (An absolute truth, if you will). <br />
Or is it completely relative, with nothing at all being set in stone, reality and truth being 100% dependent on the being experiencing it?