Yes, I Do Believe ...

Yes, I do believe anyone can be happy if they can embrace friendships and coming from me that is a HUGE revelation. Accepting friendship is not always an easy thing to do, depending on your past, but recently I made the choice to purposely allow some people into my life, VERY slowly, as in the past other people have had agendas. These new friends know what I am going through, so they have allowed me to set the pace, and for that alone I am happy. NOT everyone is out to *get* you, some people see you for who you are, and with no agenda simply want to be friends. Well what a hell of a surprise that was to me!!
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2 Responses May 10, 2007

I'm sorry for the experiences you've had that have soured you on letting people into your life, just remember, when you respond to being hurt by not allowing anyone else to get near you, who are you hurting now? Don't let these people who have wronged you take anymore from your life. There are good people out there. Cautious is fine, being alert, aware, are all healthy, but don't shut down.<br />
I have sufferred tremendous pain at the hands of loved ones, but in all cases I have eventually gotten to a place where I can forgive them and move on. I hope you do too.

Yeah there are good people out there who simply share the same interests as you. There is nothing wrong with being careful of who you call your friends. I have learned over the years that true friends are hard to come by. Once you find them cherish them and those friendships can last a lifetime.