Art Saved My Sanity.

I became housebound with MS, and started having bad periods of depression, until after watching an arts program on TV, i decided to have a go myself and bingo!! i have never looked back!!. I get so much enjoyment out of painting (even if its not very good) it relaxes my mind, and it has taught me to look for the beauty in the world, instead of much of the uglyness we see on the news day after day. I would reccormend it to anyone!!!. PEACE.
Leslieonline Leslieonline
51-55, M
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

Good for you! Keep painting and if you can manage it take a few classes at the local college where you live. Being in an enriching environment such as that will enhance your creativity and build confidence in your new found passion. Never let the spirit die!