I Do Because I Believe In T...

I do because I believe in the Karmic effect. I have made some bad descions in my past and even sometimes now, so it eventually will come around at the least expected moments sometimes.

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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

i agree with you 100 percent the amount of **** my family are getting at the moment and we've done NOTHING to deserve it lol so you couldn't be more right !

Of course they do! Even good people make bad choices that end up causing pychic pain to others which generates bad karma, which will come around. The trick is to KNOW that you've done that and consiously try to do more good that so the bad karma is minimized. When you are in a karmically blessed time, you MUST pass those blessings on to others. When I fell in love and was full to bursting with psychic energy I touched (literally touched them with an index finger) and passed the love on. Several people told me they'd had really good days when I'd done that!