Skin Deep

I had a friend at high school who was not very attractive.  She was quite over weight with bad acne, and didnt know how to dress or wear her hair to try and promote her good features.

We were friends for a while but she grew increasingly manipulative and controlling.  There was a series of event where she took advantage of my generally good nature and revealed the more ugly sides of her character.  The last  straw was when she told several people that my little sister was a **** - totally untrue - my sister was a 14yr old virgin at the time.  I confronted her and told her I didnt want to be friends anymore.  And that was that.

Now some several years have passed, I have heard that she has lost weight and looks fabulous.  Good for her - but I know for sure that despite how good she might look now - its only skin deep and shes still a nasty piece of work under all that.

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6 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Well, I hadnt thought of that - I don't think it would be enough for me to want to be friends with her - but if it is the case then good for her :) I certainly dont wish her any ill.<br />
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This story is perhaps alittle meaner than I meant to be - I must have been having a bit of a bad day.

It sucks that she was so undeservingly cruel to you and your sister while physically unattractive. Have you considered that perhaps an internal change, possible some spiritual enlightenment or just plain old maturity, happened first and that change also resulted in her outward improvement? That would be nice, not that there's any way to substantiate that, but please consider that perhaps she became a better person and that came to be reflected on her outwardly as well. Just a thought.

That's really sweet of you to be a friend to her, but its her loss and I think its a big one.

Good saying Scoobs, and true.<br />
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Jo - I dont remember her ever being teased about her looks - I was a friend of hers for a number of years before it got to be too much. I still dont think however, that having been teased is any real excuse to treat someone badly - espeshly after the support I had given her over the years.<br />
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But I have to agree - there is something so special about Ep friendships because they are all about inner beauty :)

Maybe the ugliness on the inside came from being treated so badly all those years for their outward appearance? I think if I was tormented for my looks as a kid and teenager, I might learn to be ugly as a coping mechanism........ just a thought.<br><br><br />
But yes, I believe beauty on the inside is more important. That's what is so great about EP, we get to show our insides without having to reveal our outside unless we choose to! That is how we can make our friends here!<br />

I heard some one say once Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone. What a nasty thing to say about your sister :-( Good for you dumping the creep.