Capitalism is unfair to the less fortunate. Like during the Great Depression, when the West's economy failed, the USSR's communist government was strong.

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I agree

i have a friend in denmark who can't speak highly enough of his country.<br />
tough to be a social liberal and fiscal conservative lol. social programs are so $$$!

thank you! are you socialist, then??

If we've never seen a successful communist state, then we hardly have the authority to go around saying we know it can't work.

A communist government is a contradiction because real communism is stateless. A communist government was only meant as transition measure to eradicate the bourgeoisies (people with money) and educate the proletariat (people without money) to rule the country. In the end there wouldn't be any classes.<br />
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The USSR wasn't communistic enough, as it never came out of it's transition phase. If it was, it would still exist.

Interesting concept, communism. The chances of it arising unaided in a large scale is very unlikely. It needs a fair amount of centralised input. That can be a little unjust at times. for instance the collectivism policy in the USSR during 20s and 30s saw the displacement of many millions of Kulaks, the loss of their lands and untold millions dead. State socialism doesn't have a great track record because as far as I can see the reduction in the rights of the individual runs in parallel with a loss of humanity. North Korea, USSR during the 30 and 40s, China in the 60s, all exhibit a disregard for teh individual that led to staggering loss of life. Capitalism is not the right answer but it's the best one we've got. The recent finanical disasters arose in a fair part due to our ignoring many of the rules and safeguards we had built into the system. The separation of retail and investment banking being one, but even more basic it used to be thought a good idea that banks would take in deposits before they gave out money. And when they gave out money they would give it to people that could pay it back. Once we lost sight of that we were into a type of capitalism that has a short half life.

The nature of human beings goes completely against communism. In a perfect world maybe. Communism has never prevailed and will never because it is against human nature.