No, It's Not All Hot Air!

Experts say cows are responsible for the biggest portion of the world’s Global Warming. When cows eat grass, it sits in their stomachs and ferments. This causes gas, and intestinal gas will always find a way to escape the cow.

One of the gases emitted from cow farts is methane gas. The atmosphere already has natural occurring methane but, when an over abundance occurs, it collects and joins together with other greenhouse gases. This joined gas traps the warm air surrounding our planet and as more and more warm air becomes trapped Global Warming occurs.

Although cows are not the only contributors of methane gas they are by far the largest single contributing factor. Cow farts and burps do 23 times more damage to our environment than car pollution. That’s a lot of gas causing a lot of damage but, scientists have now found a way to ease cow fart emissions.

A new preparation has been developed that neutralizes cow’s intestinal gas before it can escape the cow and, experts say as more and more farmers begin giving their cows this medication, the effect will be as great as retiring one million cars from our roads.

Could eliminating cow’s intestinal gas really be the answer to controlling global warming?

The new preparation is supposed to come from bacteria found in Kangaroos, as they are unable to fart at all.

While they eat pretty much the same thing, cows end up producing a lot of methane, and kangaroos don't.

Researchers think a whopping 10 percent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions could be permanently eliminated if scientists can introduce microbes found in the stomach of kangaroos into livestock feed.

Dr Athol Klieve is a senior research scientist in microbial biotechnology at the DPI, "When you ferment grass in the stomach like kangaroos do, they produce hydrogen, and you have to get rid of that hydrogen, or it slows down and stops the fermentation of the material...The production of methane is actually one solution to the problem of getting rid of hydrogen...There are alternative mechanisms of getting rid of that of that hydrogen. One of these is to produce acetate. Acetate is used by the animal as a major part of its energy resources.

“We’ve been able to isolate a number of species of bacteria that do take hydrogen through to acetate and it’s those bacteria that we hope to be able to move across to sheep and cattle, to bring down the methane emissions in sheep and cattle”, Dr Athol Klieve.

And it's not only the atmosphere that will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, farmers could save feed money, “Methane is actually a loss of feed energy. It’s an inefficient use of your feed. If you can, instead of using that feed energy as methane to the atmosphere and causing greenhouse problems, if you can convert that to something like acetate, that’s more energy available for the animal for growth and production”, Dr Athol Klieve.

Get skippy here now to put a plug in Daisy's butt and make this world safe for our children's children!

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Ever heard of proper grammar and punctuation? You're certainly pathetic in that respect. :)<br />
<br />
As to the article, no I didn't get offended, I just wanted to state the real facts of where methane emissions really come from, and all of a sudden you get your panties in a wad because you were offended that I didn't think it funny. Well sooorrry to you, but your pathetic attempts to humor us were just that: pathetic. Like I said before, I didn't get your sense of humor, I didn't get the whole humor thing of cow farts destroying the atmosphere and kangaroos coming to "save the day." <br />
<br />
Embarrassed? Nah. I'm just not afraid of stating my opinions, whenever necessary.

Pathetic, that is all i'm saying. You take yourself too seriously, you need to get a life and pick a battle you can win.<br />
<br />
Why don't you check out my 'dissapearance of white dog ****' section, seems like you could verbally solve the problem.<br />
<br />
What is the problem anyway? I can't see why anyone would be crushed by the punchline which is- 'Cows are ruining the atmosphere with their farts and are causing gobal warming, kangaroos to save the day'. <br />
Now, everyone I have shown this to has found the funny side of it, I really want to know, why does it matter so much to the point that it has rocked your cage to this level. I have posted and written many articles online and have come out with far more controversial and offensive material than this, i'm sorry that you don't find it funny, but I don't have to fight my corner on this one because it is irrelevent, I am not posting facts to condemn cows to be culled because they are a threat to the worlds' climate, now I would've thought that would be worth the ear-ache, but I didn't say that, nor am I suggesting that now.<br />
<br />
Please take a look at what you are saying because you are making a fool of yourself, in the back of your mind you are holding back a grin, not because you are finding my article funny, but because you know you are in the wrong, that is why your first words are -'Well I didn't find it funny at the time, and no-one will find it funny.', this is because when you read my reply, you became embarassed because you got the wrong end of the stick, you could've left it there and chose not to respond, accepting that people think differently to you and that the world is full of strange minded folk now I will just shrugg it off and get on with my life, i'm sure I have something to do, oh yes that chick I met on here just the other day, I wonder if she really enjoys my whipped cream scenario, nah, maybe I should try that chocolate body paint, but then again, it can be quite bland maybe i'll throw some fruit in the mix, hey. maybe she'll get on the cam tonight......and so it goes, if I picked at everyone in my day that pissed me off, I would be so tired and miserable, I'm only telling you this because you remind me of myself. I wear my heart on my sleeve, protest about the way we treat our planet, and you know what, nobody cares, and sometimes I don't agree with what people say and can take it to heart, but over the years, I have learned to switch off, trust me, you can save alot of unnessecary agro that way.<br />
<br />
Keep on if you want, but just be prepared to get very tired, you need to see the point is, that there is no point, it's ajoke, make you laugh man, that's all there is to it.

Well, sorry, but it didn't seem like it was funny at the time. And it's probably partly because I'm no Aussie, so I didn't catch the humor in it. Besides, there's probably a lot of folks on here that wouldn't catch the humor either, and will believe the story. Call them a bunch of idiots, sure, but you just stated yourself the purpose of the article is flawed, if you know what I mean.<br />
<br />
And no I'm not aYankee. I'm a Canuck; Canadian,that is, if the terms confuse you.

Oh my god. This is what I call a humorous article, its purpose is to attract people with a certain sense of humour, and as you pointed out, my facts are wrong, but also I have now noticed that the article's purpose is flawed at attracting people with a sense of humour, and please don't say, 'oh, well I don't find flatulence funny, it's immature', because clearly flatulence is hilarious and so is the crazy hypothesis about kangaroos being the cure for cow's climate threatening flatulence (I know I haven't learned anything, but I hate making a big deal about facts) dary-are. Imean what made the Aussie's think about this, 'Hey Roobo, we've been on this farm for twenty years and not one of these Kangaroos has farted!', probably being the opening point of discussion. Are you American by anychance? <br />
If you're still not impressed or I have offended you, I apologize for trying to put some humour on this normally depression fuelled, loner-magnet of a site.<br />
G'Day!<br />
If we can't have a laugh, what can we have?

Most of the methane emissions come from belching, not flatulance, in ruminants. Methane emissions from cows only contributes to 5.5% of the global production of methane in terms of CO2 emissions, which is not a whole lot. So why make a big deal out of it?