EP is meant to be something of the likes that has never been seen before on the internet. A place for people to conjugate free from judgement, harassment, drama and perversion, to be able to share emotional and intellectual thoughts and feelings in a safe and friendly environment. However, there are many on here who defy guidelines (especially guideline 7) and as a result, turn this place into a free for all for control of this site. Good vs Bad right?

Well, yes and no. To us, the honest and good people of ep, who obey all guidelines (especially guideline 7) and try to keep this place clean and supportive, it seems we are up against the forces of bad, but to them, we are the bad and corruptive people of EP, that must be removed.

So, what decides who should win this site then? I'll tell you what. The victor, both in life in general and on EP, will be determined by the sword! Whichever group of users fights the hardest, the longest, and the smartest will have this site as the spoils!

I for one, throw my lot in with a moral EP, and all pervs and trolls better believe that I will fight my hardest for this site to be what it was MEANT to be!
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I really wonder what new members think when the first things they see are teenagers posting smutty sex questions, and older pervs sending them nasty pictures. EP is getting a bad reputation, and it's sad to see. The internet is swimming in ****; there are plenty of alternatives for those who want that kind of filth. This is not the place for it.

They probably run the other way screaming if they are respectable people lol.

I concur entirely. I wish all those people would just kind of disappear. But they won't, it's up to us.


Hahaha! Next black president right here XD

Haha you'd make an awesome president though. Except since it was my idea, You'd have to let me live in the White House.

Lol sure, you can keep the conservatives away with a broom :P

Can I use pots and pans too? Haha this got off topic. Seriously though, you're brilliant and I love what you do

Yes lol.

Thanks :)

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Atta boy Josh, you tell them