I See Them Too Frequently

there is one that has caught my eye and im sure i caught his because he doesnt stop following me, or i would think, its violet-white skin very tall and mascular but slender body, three fingers no mouth small holes as nose, small-sharp almond shaped eyes and it is purple in colour with no pupil, two horns and a bizzare looking tail wich i cant explain, the only reason i know so much is because it purposely shows itself to me since i was just a kiddo, every time i try to approach it, it flies away with blinding speed leaving a trail of purple flux, it has no wings and it always flies towards and out into space - when i look into space (stars) i always see bright violet lights speeding around.
one time my best friend saw it and was amazed, although he heard my stories many times, he also believed me wich was important coz it showed how loyal he was with me, we have been best mates for 8 years, we fell out had arguments but we also understood eachother and respected eachother and we also had many laughs and happy times, i believe that you only find less than 5 real best friends out of the dozens of people you meet. anyway. that was a very short version of my encounter with aliens (alien in this case because i have only spoken of the most important one to me - and even this important story i cut short - just to get to the point, but i will tell more of my encounters another time, when i have time, and i asure you they are even more fascinating than this - and weird, but i like weird coz im mad - and maddness is a good, positive thing... lol.
Ben de la Barre

bananapoo bananapoo
Jul 12, 2010