Power To Change The World, One Person At A Time

I do sincerely believe that everyone has a special power. Whether it be a smile, a positive word, or a supportive shoulder....everyone is capable of using that power for something positive.

Every single person is faced with thousands of decisions each day. As your walking across a parking lot and make eye contact with someone, will you smile and greet them or hastily cast your eyes away? Such a small decision, with concequences that don't seem all too substantial compared to the bigger decision you may be facing. Casting your eyes away may make them feel embarrassed, ashamed, insignificant, and many other things depending on what may be going on in their life. It can also leave you feeling the same way, and even a little guilty. However, if you decide to smile and say something polite to them, you may be altering events...THAT is magical. It is empowering, to you and to them. It can brighten up their thoughts, give them hope and strength to deal with the rest of their day, make them feel better about themselves...It can alter so much without any of us even realizing. THAT, is a special power.

There are others who are always able to provide a supportive shoulder, listening ear, and caring heart. Those are some of the most amazing powers of all....whether you're reaching out to a friend, or someone you may barely know....It's at these times that you yourself are a tool. YOU are the power. Use it wisely and generously and not only will you be helping them, you will be demonstrating how they themselves can help someone in the future, and you will also be learning important life lessons. It also creates a bond between you and others that cannot be traded...All in all, it leads to an eternal loop of goodness.

So long as you pass it on, and don't let it end with you, these acts of kindness can change the world with one person at a time.

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wow this is so good/inspiring! :)

Soo true!! Thanks for adding that. I hope someone will see if and feel inspired to believe in their self!

Powerful post cherryxblossom,<br />
I agree that giving a polite smile, a positive word, or to be supportive is magical and empowering. I would like to add that sharing these small but empowering moments shows confidence in one's self. Many people wish they had confidence, the fact is confidence is built on how one thinks, and nothing more. If you want it, it's yours. Believe you hold the power that is in you, pick your head up, walk tall, and feel happy.<br />
You may have noticed people that walk around with confidence are usually very happy, they attract others to be around them. Good things will always come when you believe with confidence. To have confidence in one's self is not to brag, but to feel happy knowing what you know, and helping others with actions, showing there is a better way.

Thank you Leighou!<br />
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Aw, that is such a sweet story curlym. I'm so happy that you were able to make the best out of that opportunity! Very inspiring :)

I tottally agree. There is a person in our community that walks around every day winter and summer. I had seen him but not really ever had said more than, hi. I walked toward him as he came toward me and I said, "how are you doing Doug?" His response was "terrible"' I asked why and he said the whole world was against him. I said I'm not I wish you well. His whole demeanor chaged in an instant. That was a few years ago. It changed my own life as well as helping him. I always shake his hand and say hello when I see him on the street. As you said even a smile can make a big difference to some. everything that we do every decision that we make has an effect on our life and that of others.

so be it.. beautifully said.