No Coincidence Neither Accident

Things happen because they are meant to happen to teach us or let us learn... sometimes  the hard way  

An event can make us sad to make us be more appreciative when true happiness comes.

We might stumble or  fall so we would know the feeling of being defeated, so we can aspire more   to triumph against the hurdle along the way

We make mistakes and learn from it so we can be wiser on how to do the right thing and not repeat the same mistakes again.

I believe in divine intervention. If things didn't happen, it's because God never let it. We can only plan but He is the one who intervenes and implements.

There are always a thousand reasons why things happen in our lives, we may not comprehend it right now but we will know later as we go on while taking each step of  life's unending horizon.
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Well said !

Thank you for write that.<br />
<br />
I feel the same way.<br />
<br />
Things happen for reason .<br />
<br />
They happen for reason season or life time they say.<br />
<br />
That really help me lot.<br />
<br />
That was good

I am so glad my post gave you such relief. :)

Read You soon, sweet Ana :)

thanks yeah!

You have truth in Your hands.<br />
Yes, S f A :) , God sees the truth because He is TRUTH.<br />
Never loose hope, after clouds Light come !<br />

thanks Mandeman, your comment is definitely awesome!

Song...You are God's gift to the world. Whether you believe or not, the lines in our palm had been written before we were born. Our destiny is a function of our hands cuz we have the power to choose. All our experiences in life is to impart into us many things as you've said ba<x>sed on what we chose. God is perfect but we all are imperfect. Believe in yourself as God will help through your ordeals in life. Your future is bright. One more step to your promised land. You will be happy.

Keep on praying and hoping for the best. God sees the truth and He dwells in our hearts.

Thanks for all the comments. We might have different views but the bottom line is we try to understand the reason but we can't yet until God shows us the way.

I too believe everything has a reason. Often to move us and sometimes we just don't know. But if we choose to learn from these things maybe we will be a better person for it.

I want to believe this, but when I see children starving to death in shanty towns while the rich live off inheritance in luxury apartments nearby, and when I see rape and ethnic cleansing used as weapons of war, and when I see a thousand other senseless injustices, I struggle to see a reason.

yes, should meditate once in a while.

It is a bit confusing somethimes, but I believe life is exactly how you just described it.

Thank you. I am merely talking to myself while writing this post. To encourage myself more...that things really happen for a reason. May it be bad or good.

God is guiding us all the time, very true.<br />
<br />
Best SD