I Got Foot Corn!

After a month and a half of delay, I finally got my left foot check. It is indeed a corn, not a callus. She told me that she won't operate on it because she doesn't want me to go under anesthesia, instead, she prescribed me with a topical solution and advise me to treat it on my own...huh! which is kinda weird, coz' I might get an infection if I treated it incorrectly. Anyway, she expect me to be back after 2 weeks, so I just hope that everything will go smoothly as plan.

She also told me that it is because of 'ill-fitted shoes' that I got the corn. Which is also weird, since I only wear slippers and sneakers, and that for what I know is the most comfortable foot apparel a person can wear everyday. I even run for 15KM and not a single blister on my foot.....Well everything happens for a reason.
hopelessaddict hopelessaddict
31-35, F
May 22, 2012