Evrything Happens For Reason...

I grow up rebellious for not having a whole family..left the people who love me
. i was not satisfied with what they offer love...My life was not easy too many mistakes and rush decision makings..Now I am married a rocky one..too many nights i cried why I have this kind of man in my life who obviously don't love me
enough to fight for me...Maybe he is fighting I just can't feel it or I'm too busy feeling my self...Yet I cant just let him go..maybe because I love him or I'm hoping things will change in the end into a good one..Though what i am now I owe to him..the pushing,ignoring and the feeling of being not acknowledge by him help me make stronger and holding on for a dream of being together till we get old...He is the thorn that pushes me to be better..with out him I don't know what and who I am today..Thanks for my past may it be good or bad..And thanks to the people who come into my life in short term and long term
malunggay malunggay
36-40, F
Sep 14, 2012