Fate Or Destiny?

Do people meet before they meet? Do you pass your soul mate every day on the subway and not know it, Have you stood behind them in the line at your favourite coffee store? How would you know and would there be recognition?
This is a story of how fate comes into my life, having witnessed it first hand many times. For example I chanced to meet and talk to my best friend briefly as she tried to kick me out of the zoo years before we truly met as mothers of school age children. I was at the zoo late in the day with my kids when i hear "excuse me" turning around to find a zoo keeper, dressed in
khaki shorts and shirt, work boots and a big broad rimmed khaki hat. She stuck out too me as being memorable due to her nose piercing, my first thought being "woah a hippy zoo keeper" Years later I told her this story to which she replied she had no recollection. There
are so many personal stories regarding fate in my life where I have met friends and people who have had an impact on my life before really meeting them.

however I have chosen to tell another's story.

At the age of 19 I had my very first new car and I good job with an insurance company. I was assigned to the outback division driving many hundred miles between cattle stations to talk to the farmers about their policy and claims etc. Being country folk it was a battle to get them to put in their claim as they would rather not worry about the past, there was too much farmwork for them to do in the future without needless worry over paperwork. Contrary to my job requirements, many a time I would make the call to claim for them, I think to them it was a matter of pride as if to claim rightfully on their policy was nothing more then asking for a free handout of which they would have no part of.

It would take me a good hours driving to call in on the farmers nearest neighbour and of course a hot cuppa and fresh baked goods always awaited me as the last property had already notified all neighbouring properties of my presence via radio. With their help I was advised as to which areas to stay clear of due to road wash out, fences down and or the likelihood of being shot at. Yes indeed, shoot to kill, see, as much as this was cattle property, the ground was full of precious rocks. Rubies. Emerald, Opal, Saphire as well as coal with most towns out west being named after these rocks.

Prospectors are a breed unto their own. Most of them live underground in the area they have a claim for. Mad as hell, paranoid and armed to the hilt. Some of these men will never see another human for years at a time, spending their time digging for that one elusive nugget that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams, when not digging to China they are protecting what little they have been lucky to find. People in the towns stay well away from the prospecting sites lest they exit the world a little sooner then expected.

Coming in to a town a long a lone stretch of highway I see a sight I will never forget, laying on the ground for miles are things shiny and sparkling sticking up out of the ground. Not being one to pass up temptation and having enough curiosity to kill me ten times over I stop, pull over and take my little car bushwhacking. The shiny things were non other then my most valued precious stone, Quarts crystal. It seemed like hours past, bent over picking up quartz, digging them up out of the ground with sticks as tools until finally it was so dark out that I could barely see my feet.

Finally having made it late as it was to the last client of the day, dirty as hell I was offered dinner, a wash and a bed. Not knowing life to be as friendly as these folk I refused the invitation as I did on all of the stations. Al was in his 60's as was his wife Helen and like most of the country people they had machinery and illness they hadn't claimed for. Together his wife and I spent most of the night sorting through paperwork before Al, whom I assumed had gone to bed, plonks a hug breif case on the table on top of our papers, tells his wife to
keep her voice down. We are whispering now, something is afoot. Al unlocks the padlocks from the case, hunches over the case as if to hide it while he punches in the codes to the second set of locks. he turns the case towards me with the lid open. It would have been no brighter in the room had he just turned a spotlight on, the case was full brimming with gems of all types and colours, some colours I still to this day believe I have no
name for. He too was a prospector in his day and if it wasn't for his wife marrying him he would still be out their living like a mole in the ground. So many gems were handed to me and the prices he wanted were quit reasonable but I have never been one for what others think is precious in a gem. I was happy with my quartz and their healing properties. As he talked about his obsession with the gems my eyes wandered time and time again to
the large blown up photograph behind him. It was a picture very much awash in sepia tones, of two young children at the beach, the boy, shirtless crouched over his bucket to the right of the picture, while the girl held the centre, sitting on the sand with arms folded in her lap, she was staring up at the camera smiling.

Al grumbles and toddles off through the house with his briefcase while his wife tells me that indeed she was the girl in the photo. That Holiday her family had travelled two states over, close to 1000 miles,to spend a week by the beach side. Her parents looking to relocate somewhere around the area. She then explains that the boy is her husband Al, his family happened to live 2 hours drive away from the beach and stopped for the day to picnic.

As far as she remembers, they didn't play together infact their families didn't know of each other, it was just another day sharing the beach with strangers. 40 years past before their paths crossed yet again. They had both married and divorced, the children had already grown up and left home. By chance through a mutual friend they happened to meet. 2 weeks later they were in love and 6 weeks later - married. Why so quickly I asked? It was
while they were dating, getting acquainted and telling each other stories of their younger selves, they had figured out that at any one moment in their lives they had only ever lived a few miles apart, sometimes only streets apart.

In one small town they had been living on the same block, diagonally from the other. When one moved town or state the other seemed to have been drawn to the particular area also, sometimes for work, mostly because the next place seemed to hold some kind of possibility that needed to be explored. Later after they had married, Helen was going through old photos she had inherited from her parents passing when she spotted a very small instant camera picture of herself at the beach. Al spotted himself immediately.

"... life can change in a heartbeat of time, in a hairsbreadth of space. without our consent." ~from "dark horse", by tami hoag
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It is my belief that we plan our lives on the Other Side before we come into life. We decide what challenges and situations we want to face. Who we are going to meet and interact with, lessons we would like to learn (we dont always). It's how we handle all of this that determines how we evolve and advance our spirit.

yes I have read it is like making a blueprint before we come to Earth about what we are going to experience while here, I like that idea!

Sounds interesting. Fate tries to control peoples lives as always it seem.

I don't know Barlong, I don't presume to know how the universe works or if in fact fate is real but I can say that I love the idea that it exists

It does exist. else, no one would be here.

Thanks for sharing.

thanks for taking the time to read :)
much appreciated

I enjoyed it! :)

What a great story. When I was 11, a girl who ended up becoming my best friend moved in across the street from me. I learned that in first grade, we were in the same class with the same teacher, but didn't recall each other. That's when I began trying to keep my eyes open to fate. You never know what you will find, or what will find you.

ah thanks Galileos for sharing!

I have my theories on fate and why people come into my life. The hippie zookeeper I wrote about.. we became very close spending almost everyday chatting over coffee. 3 years into our friendship our younger brother's died. Their deaths were within 3 months of each other with her brother dying first on my brother's birthday

Wow that is amazing..You kinda start believing in fate, when you come across something like that! Few things are both "meant to be" and "fate" together... Wonderful story! *Like* =)//HTH83 Sweden

Thanks HTH83, I come across it alot but its so subtle and easy to miss. Then again I don't discount that it may just be coincidence and thing reallys don't happen for a reason - its all random.
Its easy to see which one I prefer !