so why did 911 happen 👋👋👋👋
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These are some of the most inane answers yet! Psychedelia won't blame the arabs, but what was the nationality of the majority of the hijackers?
There was a failing on the part of the intelligence community, they were unable to take the parts of a puzzle and put it together as a cohesive picture.
The seeds of 9/11 were planted in 1979 when the islamists in Iran took our embassy, and Jimmy Carter (one of the most useless human beings on earth) didn't bomb them further back into the stone age...his lack of action emboldened the islamists and strengthened them... they were further emboldened when the mujahadeen successfully fought off the soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
More recently, we screwed up in the First Gulf War (to free Kuwait) by stopping short of taking Baghdad and killing Hussein. This gave him and islamists in the middle east a false sense of security, by implying we didn't have the intestinal fortitude to fight a war to completion.
When the USSR ceased to be a superpower, the US was the only big kid left in town making us a target for islamic hatred.
The conspiracies about Bush and the CIA are asinine, no different than saying FDR had knowledge of Pearl Harbor prior to 12/7/1941.

Yes seeds are planted years before an event actually took place. Seeds were planted for years before Pearl Harbor actually happened. We kept angering the Japanese and anger just keep building up and building up. Then we'd put them through more and anger them more, then finally Japan had had enough and Pearl Harbor occurred.

Because God had a reason for it, even if we can't understand why there was a reason for it

oh my funk balls I don't want to get into that but I know why.

sure you do

Caught my attention. Which theory do you believe?

so bc it might of been the bush family it was meant to happen? no

well as an arab I wouldn't dare blame my own people. I am pretty sure it was the bush family.

working with the via


the bush family made it happen. they wanted it to happen so much that they made it happen with their billions. I detest them for that and especially for blaming arab people. they used it as a scape goat to use more military action against the middle eastern people and land.

did they really, like to see you prove it x


I honestly don't want to think about it. it just makes me angry and depressed. I'm too busy contemplating my past lives.

so dont bother commenting if you dont want to think about it

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