Me And I

I have lived over 63 years. I am a white male and live in the United States. These are all facts which can be found in databases. These are facts which are used to classify the populations of the world. Once you get past these things, who a person is inside is a different matter. I am a human in a male anatomy. I do have a feminine side and I am glad I do, it is the side which gives tenderness and compassion. It is a sliding scale which is like Yen and Yang, almost impossible to restrict to an exact definition. But it is strange that one's gender is declared by their anatomy. I think gender flows like mercury. Some days a person is more masculine and some days more feminine depending on what their frame of mind and the tasks at hand. These are merely my thoughts and am very careful with whom I discuss this with. Listening to others comment on a news story of someone being persecuted because of their gender is very enlightening. I do not think I am evolved but am amazed at the misunderstandings or lack of knowledge when others make hateful comments about someone who is different than they are. We are just who we are and should be happy with ourselves and everyone should have that same right. I hope some day the databases will no longer be important and all can relax and be themselves. For those who struggle with their gender identity, I hope you can relax and be yourself. It does not matter what others may think because it is a private matter in your own self where you will find peace.
dr531 dr531
61-65, M
Dec 15, 2012