Takes Care

God defently take care of His children.He could've called me to be home with Him,but He says I still have work to do here.
 I know we are living in the last days,and I am waiting for the Lord to return.What a day  that will be.Even so,come quickly Lord.
 We have to be ready in and out of season.We have to tell others about His love for us.Just remember my brothers and sisters,
It is all about Christ and Him Cruisified.He went to the Cross for us.That there,the love of God was demostrated that day when
Jesus went to the Cross.
 Thank you Lord for what You did on the Cross for us.It is because of people like us is why you went to the Cross.We can
never give enough thanks for your Blood being shed for us.
 There is a song I know of,1 line says,would you take the nails from His Hands.I know I wouldn't.He went there for us.
 I leave this question for you all out there,Would you take the nails from His Hands???
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1 Response Feb 3, 2012

So God is taking care of children in Syria? Is that the best he can do?

Christians all around the world will be persercuted.Jesus says that himself.That you (christian,or people who follow Jesus),will get persercuted my my name sake.
Just remember that alot of people hate Jesus.Even His name they hate.
Jesus is the name above all names.The name of Jesus brings conviction to the heart when it is mentioned.That is 1 of the reasons why People don't want to hear His name.People rather live in sin than live for Jesus.Or worship a false god than Jesus.
As for me and my house,we will praise the Lord.