I know God knows my every thought, sees everything I do, and hears every prayer. He plans and leads us to the best for us, He loves us and nothing happens that is not for good in the end. If something good happens, it is a precious gift. If something bad happens, it's a trial to learn from and improve yourself and your realationship with God. I believe in fate, that everything, every little thing, happens for a reason and that is the way it was going to happen, and more thing will happen as they are supposed to. God controls the universe, and fate, and is Almighty. I feel nothing can really hurt me, or any true child of God. I'm not afraid of getting sick, or bodily harmed, or even dieing. God put all of us on earth at the time we were meant to, and we will leave when we're meant to. None of us will die before we're meant to, and no one can intercept that. So, I'm fine. I live for God, and I will die for God if need be. No one can trully hurt you, if you are saved and you know God loves you, because all that really matters is God, living for Him, and salvation. I'm safe, you're safe, and we all are. It's the best feeling I can hold, knowing that God loves me, I am saved, and I am safe. I love Him so much I can never express it, but He alone knows how much. :) <3
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Its nice to hear someone say this

Can you expand on that thought "we are all safe"....not sure what you meant. Thanks.

Everything that God plans for us and everything that happens leads to the best for us, if we follow it right. Because God loves His children and is looking out for them. And what on earth can trully,permanently harm someone if they are on God's side and saved? Even if they are physically hurt, it doesn't hurt who they are inside or their salvation. so, everthing is for the best, and nothing can hurt. Safe. :) Just feeling God's love, I feel safe, and I know these things.