He's Definitely Out There

I have been through tough times but god has got me through them all, i will never lose my faith on him because without him i don't think i would be here today. It doesn't matter what life is going to throw at me today because i know they are all god's plans, if he wanted me dead 2 months ago when i had a mental breakdown i would have been dead but i am not so i just know he's out there, i thank him for everyday i get to be alive :-)
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1 Response Aug 22, 2012

Every time you have a life-changing experience, you should stop for a moment to see how it has impacted your faith. At first we all adopt someone else's theology, but after a while we develop our own. Maybe you should write your own Creed, beginning 'I believe...' and see what comes out.

that's actually a great idea thank you :-)

Having said that, it's about time I updated my own Creed.

oooh cool :-)

But I might just hold you accountable to do the same...

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