No Kiddin'

I think people who don't want children shouldn't have them just because everybody's doin' it. Its stupid. 
I have a friend who once confessed to me that she doesn't like children but wants to have at least one child and soon. When I asked why have children if you don't like them, she said - cause we're supposed to have children, cause everybody's having children, cause her biological clock is ticking, cause her parents are asking when'll they have a grandchild.
Though I can kinda understand her frustration, I don't understand why she wants to have a child when she really doesn't. I already feel sorry for her future child because children always feel if they are wanted or not. And she'll be miserable herself cause she doesn't want to deal with anything baby-related...

For me, I eventually want to have children, 2 or maybe 3. But only when I will be ready and not because 'everyone is doin' it' or because my parents want grandkids (and they really do want grandkids).
SunnySmile SunnySmile
31-35, F
Jul 14, 2010