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I was born in 1961 and raised in the deep south.  I have seen many changes in our country.  One of the changes that I've watched and not agreed with has been the women’s movement.

I have no issues with the core beliefs that began the movement way back to move woman from an image of empty head pieces of property of men.  I just feel that the movement has now become more of a political agenda and not something to improve the lives of women.

I found this article this morning during my daily reading and found it very interesting.  I was surprised because it is one of the first I've found outside of Christian publications that reflected my beliefs on our so called women's rights organization today.

February 15, 2009

Modern Feminists and their Folly

By Alicia Colon

I was still a teenager when the second wave of feminist activism began with the publication of Betty Friedan's "The Feminist Mystique". There was something off about the whole movement but I was too young to recognize what it was that turned me off. At first I thought it was because of the blatant hostility towards the male species, of whom I'm quite fond. It didn't help the cause in my eyes when it insisted I should burn my bra. Getting overwrought at being called a broad or babe was childish considering that women used similar terms of worship towards the male gender we found visually appealing. 

It was this underlying tone of hypocrisy that disenchanted me. That whiff of deceit was confirmed many decades later by a friend who had been at a feminist seminar with Ms. Friedan. She discovered that under the influence of alcohol, Ms. Friedan admitted that she didn't care very much for women, especially those who were rabidly militant.


By the early 70's the deceit level had escalated to borderline criminal when it came to the issue of abortion. Jane Roe had never been raped as alleged before the U.S. Supreme Court. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of NARAL has admitted that the 10,000 deaths he alleged by illegal abortion were closer to under a hundred.


Why lie about such a worthy cause as equality? Certainly there were many inequities that women had to overcome, but the gulf between the goals of the early suffragettes and the latter-day liberationists grew ever wider. Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone and so many of the pioneers of women's rights never forgot whom they were fighting for -- all women.


The modern politically powerful National Organization for Women has shamefully championed only women whose cases fit their agenda. Nowhere was that more evident than during the Clinton administration when legitimate cases of rape and sexual assault against the President were denigrated to "bimbo eruptions."


If I were a conspiracy buff, I'd think that the entire movement was engineered by men. After all, look at what's happened to women in the past forty years?

  • Women are more promiscuous;
  • Skanky clothing is now regulation;
  • A-list actresses perform like ***** stars in films and get nominated for Oscars;
  • Aging actresses hitting the big 40 feel required to pose nude on magazine covers to prove they're still attractive;
  • Men no longer have to worry about shotgun weddings as women have no scruples about terminating their unborn children;
  • Mad scientists have more embryonic stem cells to tinker around with in their scheme to complete Frankenstein's experiments and imitate God.


But perhaps the saddest aspect of the failed sexual revolution is what's been done to the aspirations of young minority women, who've come to believe that success can only come from their bodies rather than their minds.  My daughter teaches sixth grade at an inner city school and was shocked to learn that her female students are obsessed with sex and their greatest ambition seems to be appearing in a hip hop video with a rap star. These are the ones that have the rapper fully clothed mouthing obscenities surrounded by naked gyrating teenagers. Go to Harlem or barrio clothing stores and see the type of streetwalker gear that's available for budding tweenagers.


Visit the local NY NOW chapter and note that it supports the RHAPP legislation which makes abortion a civil right and allows non medical personnel to perform the procedure. Where's the protection of our young daughters who would be able to get the medically unsupervised invasive procedure without their parents' permission?


The early feminists would be appalled to see what has become of their civil rights legacy. How the word "choice" has been propagandized to mean just the opposite if women chose to be womanly and rock the cradle instead of the boardroom. No wonder Sarah Palin was such a dangerous public figure. She is a strong woman of the pioneer mode who refused to kill her less than perfect unborn child. Everything that could be done to demonize her was implemented and the liberal media is still dissecting her image.


Sarah Palin and conservative women like her remain dangerous to the modern leftist  feminists but to the original feminists, they're their dream come true: Equality without the sacrifice of our invaluable human essence
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Well put Grits4life. Beautiful story and powerful message. Thank you so much for sharing.

Loved your post, thank you for sharing.

I agree with the article and you, Jujalee. this "revolution" has taken much of what made men great off their shoulders. They no longer feel like they should take care of their families, because, well, women will do it! We can and will do EVERYTHING! Uh, at the expense of our own happiness.

I agree with the article!<br />
<br />
When we burned our bras, we burned chivalry and the value of honor too.

As my T.A.F.E instructor say "your not just a housewife". <br />
House wives have many talents that they don't realise and I am learning that. They are called transferable skills. Cool hey.