I Am Pretty Sure I Have Add

As a child in school I was relatively bright... had a bout of behavioural problems, but not too many, and for the most part kept to myself.

My main problem was my lack of interest in many subjects. Parts of them would interest me, but then half-way through I would lose interest and find some distraction.

Looking back, I can see that this has been my trend for my whole life. I have tried attending college four seperate times now and each time have ended up not finishing through with classes that at the beginning I was so excited to have.

It's almost like a mental block where the excitement and interest has peaked too early and nothing is left to help pull me through to the end. That's not to say that I quit everything I start. I do have enough discipline to finish many things, but they are usually things that I know I have to get done (for example work related, where losing a job could mean losing my house or my family going hungry).

I used to love to read, and when I had more time I actually did finish many books. I think it has been over 10 years since I've finished more than a handful of books. Most of them are dog-eared somewhere in the middle.

Even a book I picked up on ADD... I couldn't quite read through the whole thing :(

I laugh to cover the tears ;)


seismicunloc seismicunloc
36-40, M
Feb 9, 2009