I Think Im Sick But My Boyfriends Thinks Im Crazy

 i seem to let my anxiety take over my life, it controls me and i try so hard to stay strong to overcome my fears. ive been to the doctor had blood work done to see if i have cancer or im diabetic. i feel like somethings wrong with me but the doctors havent figured it out yet. when i feel little aches in my body i freak out i think something is wrong inside my stomach my bf tells me these things are normal. i still havent gotten everything checked out so i still believe there is somethng wrong. when i get an anxiety attack i cant breathe and i start panicking  i tell myself over and over that my heart is gonna stop and im gonna die. There are times where i try to take control i pray pray and pray asking god to give me the strength and courage that it just anxiety attacks

patricia7777 patricia7777
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2 Responses Dec 21, 2009

aw hon. :( it's no good to live in fear. my best suggestion would be to try something like reiki or meditation, to calm your mind and body. you'll be ok! *hug*

but its so embarrassing i cant even take showers if im home alone my bf has to be here other wise i panick in the shower and start feeling fainty. in the past year i have had my bf or a friend drive me to a hospital nearly 10 times and just to here the doctor tell me im fine its just anxiety. i can hardly go out now with my friends or bf because i freak out i go out with my bf and after a few drinks im begging to leave because i have this crazy thought that someone has put a pill in my drink and im about to overdose.......i drive myself crazy........