Why Wouldn't They?

Just because you don't meet someone face to face does not mean that they are not real friends.  People have the ability to have a deep connection with someone that they never meet.  I actually have more friends online than I do in person, and I don't see anything wrong with that..
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I totally agree with this. I have a friend that I met over the internet. For a very, VERY long time we did not meet. We even briefly had the conversation, "what would you call our relationship?" It started out as two people talking about a mutual pee holding/wetting fetish, and eventually grew into more. <br />
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Today, 10+ years later, we talk about intimate issues in our lives, share jokes, share experiences that have happened to us. Give each other constructive relationship, and life advice. If that's not a friend, I don't know what is. Which was the consensus we came too with each other. She had a boyfriend at the time that we met, that didn't share her fetish, and I soon after got a girlfriend. So meeting was never really a viable option, as we both don't agree with cheating, and to put the temptation there would not be right. Although everything started out in a sexual place, we grew to like each other as people. <br />
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We have since broken up with our respective partners and have plans to meet again to hang out, and do something together. It was a very intense sexual desire for me, when I first met her. And it's still there to a degree. However, the sexual aspect has honestly taken a back seat to the fact that I like this person for the person that she is. Which is very strange for me, as I have a very high sex drive. We have only met about 5 times in real life, over our 10 year friendship, but I consider her to be a very close friend. Anyone who says internet friends aren't real, doesn't really know the meaning of friendship in my opinion.

I agree with you. I have many friends online. I like meeting foreign friends most because of the differences in culture, customs, traditions food, religions/beliefs etc it is all very interesting to me. I have learned so much from my online friends. I can even learn to cook about 360 different Chinese foods all thanks to my online friends in China. One of my online friends (sister) in Tianjin, China is even going to send me $500 USD to help me get over there and let me live with her and her husband for 1 year. I have other online friends that are like my family and one "sister" in the Philippines that I am so close to that I offered to donate my kidney to help her dad and I have never meet any of them.

I don't see anything wrong with that. Its hard to meet people that we connect with just living day to day and working all the time. I have been living in a small town most of my life and I do not get anyone that lives here and they don't get me.