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For My Friend ....


You hold a mirror to my soul
My reflection will not fix you
You cannot lay me 'cross your wounds
And find the peace you seek

Where I am is where I've been
I'm wrapped in pain and joy
You cannot wear my history here
Your fabric is your own

The brightest color, the darkest hue
Show us who we are
You see your cloak as rags and tatters
I see a glowing star

layer after layer, myth after myth
You believe what you've been told
Covering up your heart and spirit
With lies from darkened souls

Accepting the game as it's being played
You add more desperate untruths
"Not good enough" your mantra now
You wear it like it's you

Peel away the filth of words and deeds
Rise up from crushing blows
It's you who stands there, shining still
It's you we came to know

Hold that mirror and gaze at you
Wondrous in your glowing
The cure .. the "fix" ... is you, you know
And knowing what you're knowing


AllAboutLaffs AllAboutLaffs 70+, M 19 Responses Jun 25, 2011

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Oh my gosh...this was emotionally powerful yet warmly affectionate. I'm sure it was very much appreciated :}

Yes, it did mean alot to my friend .... thanks, glow ....

Wow Laffs this is a very powerful piece of writing....I'm sooo glad you shared it with us..... Thanks...

Thank you, sie ......

I'm glad you did, lilCuppa ..... sometimes, we need reminders .... :o))))

Sweet Pamster ... thank you for those words .... (((hugs)))

Thanks MT ....

Nicely put...... Sure your friend will understand....

awwwww Liz ..... I know you understand ... thank you, sweetie

Thank you for your comment, Meha ....

That was amazing. I felt it. keep up the great writing. We all appreciate it.

Thank you, LyNz .... I think we don't really know until we've walked in their shoes ... at least a little bit

Hey Annie ... glad you're :)-ing

mcGirly .... you are always so sweet to me ... (((hugs))) backatcha !!

Wow Charlie !!! .... thank you !!<br />
<br />
*Laffs opens tip jar* ..... LOL

awww..... This is awesome!!!!<br />
You are like ma guru! Do you want 20% of ma income?<br />
<br />
Seriously..... this is lovely and I agree totally with the sentiment.

Thank you WiB ... quite a compliment from you .... (((hugs)))

yes, beautifully put AAL. heartfelt and wise.

Thanks Pix .... (((hugs)))

Beautiful Laffs!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they get it too!! :-)

awwww ... thank you, Dee ... at one time or another, I think we've all been to this place ...<br />
<br />
Thank you for the compliment, fmf .... I hope this person really gets it ...