This Really Hit Me Straight Home...

My birthday was a few days ago and I was so sad on my birthday night. I was on the verge of tears. The only thing that comforted me was the thought of suicide.

Not long during that, Carnivorous messaged me asking me if I could go on Skype in a little bit with him and LordNothing. I thought we would be doing a group chat, but to my surprise, LordNothing turns on the web cam and I see the both of them there together. They threw me a web cam birthday party!

I'm not going to lie, they don't know this, but I was trying so hard not to cry on web cam, lol. I got so emotional. I never get a party in real life... ever. And I knew that if I was there physically in New South Wales, they probably would have thrown me an actual party, but the web cam party was the best they could do for now. That's why it meant so much to me that they did that. I never felt like my birthday was special or even worth celebrating, but they made it feel special for once. I managed to hide the fact that I got so emotional by being silly and dorky and giggling at everything and nothing. After a while, the lump in my throat finally went down until I no longer felt like I was going to burst into tears and my eyes were no longer watering up and I had fun with them. It wasn't until I had to get off web cam that I finally allowed myself to let a few tears roll before calling Turbulence and spending a couple minutes with him.

They are amazing guys. They really made my birthday night something. I probably would have stayed depressed and suicidal if it weren't for them and I just really hope they know how grateful and appreciative I am of them and how amazing and awesome they really are. I love you guys. :)

Of course, I have other amazing friends on EP I could certainly thank, but there's too many of them to name. I just wanted to tell those friends too that I definitely love you guys so much. I don't know anyone on here personally except for EmilineSorine, but I truly do love you guys for all you've done for me. I wish you guys were here with me or that I was there with you, wherever you guys are.
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Aaah that so sweet and special. Angels who were sent just for u. Now u have to pay it forward to someone else who really needs it. Happy birthday

Deadmoon, that's an incredibly wonderful story, I'm glad I happened upon it today! I have skype too, and gee, if I'd know, I'd have joined the party, lol. Add each other? Love to chat/get acquainted, maybe even chat on skype someday.

Only one word - Beautiful!

Proving that not all guys ask a girl onto Skype just to whip it out :)

Uhuh. My thought exactly (bloodybast@rds)

I deleted my comment here, because I didn't like it.

That was really awesome of them!

Finally, someone who appreciate her online friends. I have been a friend to my EP friends as much as I can. The trust issue, however, is a bit of a problem. But that's okay, I got the same issue offline. <br />
<br />
I am glad that you are not one of those "i don't take EP seriously" kinda guys. I think all people have feeling, especially who tend to use writing to reach out or express themselves. We do this not b/c we are afraid of offline world (some do), but because some of us do feel that writing and reading about others is very special.

Well put. :)

You are extremely lucky to have such good friends, your story reminds me of my countless birthday nights I spent in one corner of the room in the dark crying. This year my bf did make it special, I'm trying to not hate my birthday anymore, but the memories of the past are extremely dark.<br />
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Belated Happy birthday :)

As u get older u get better and best friends...with real people who care and are there for u when u hav nothing and need something. Thats when ur birthdays r truly special because having friends like that is your gift, not just on your birthday but everyday

aww sorry i missed your big day :'( but I'm glad someone showed you some love :) .that's awesome.

aww how touching! Kinda got my eyes watered a lil " just know u always have a friend "Jesus" especiall when it dont feel like it"

an excellent heartwarming story ... I'm happy for you that you have such good online friends ... ((hugs))

A webcam party? That was really sweet of them. Who says online friendships aren't real?

A couple of minutes? It was at least an hour ;)<br />
You didn't tell them about your weird laugh, lol! <br />
I still didn't sing happy birthday to you :(<br />
sidetracked by laughter..<br />
I love you girl

Lol, why embarrassed?<br />
<br />
Now you know why I was so quiet at first and why my eyes were going around all over the place, lol. I was trying so, so hard not to break down on you guys.

AWW! I'm all embarrassed :)

Wow ! Great story ! Thanks for sharing your story. I have no doubt that friends on line are real. And stories like yours just makes me feel like their my neighbors, just a click a way.