I Can Tell You This.

girls I meet face to face tend to suck. 
We don’t tend to have a lot in common, and well, it just really doesn’t go anywhere.
I don’t know where people like me tend to hang out, I’d guess coffee shops and book stores, but I’m kind of timid and have approach anxiety… I’ve spoken to so many women online, some of them drop dead beautiful… like this red haired devil I just met about internet relationships and they’ve attested to the same sort of ideas that people you meet online tend to spark a real connection. Whereas random strangers just don’t really do it for us. People are almost voyeuristic online about their feelings. They say whatever they ******* want and totally expose themselves to the world it’s easier to hop on a thread someone else has written what they feel on that it is to get people to open up… and that’s why... sigh...
After EP, it’s very hard to believe in face to face relationships anymore… People are just so much more open here…
ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Feb 13, 2012