Me: Motown Girl Bestie: A-town Girl

About 6 years ago, I joined a online community that had to do with a famous online video. I join the forum as a member, them later on as an Admin. Later when the site basically disbanded, I still kept in contact with some of the people from there, one of them being my best friend Shannie. Shannie and I are different in ways but we're similar. She likes pants, I like dresses. I love video games (new and old), She rather play her Nintendo 64 and her SNES.

Her and I have been though a lot with each other. When i went though my mental breakdown in 2011, she stuck by me and talked to me when she can. I have stuck by her with the birth of her son and her 'new found love' of being an at home mom. I hope to be able to go to Atlanta one day, with me being a broke college student n all. She wants to do the same thing, just she's a busy mom dealing with a rambunctious 1 year old. But we hope that we can get it together one day.
KaiserinV KaiserinV
26-30, F
Mar 30, 2012