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People Are Real

I understand that some people might think internet friendship is not the same as 'inflesh' friendships.  Sure, there are so many people online who want to 'hook up' do cyber.  I enjoy my friends in person and online.  I enjoy the freedom I feel online in expressing myself.  I have some eccentric views on many issues, and I feel like I can explore those views and get opinions freely given online.  If someone doesn't like my views or I don't like theirs, we don't have to see each other's views person, we might run into each other and feel awkward, or have a confrontation, or etc.
    In particular, I enjoy EP.  I don't feel like this is a meat market site...i'm sure some use it as a meat market but, the design isn't set up for that in my opinion.  In EP, a person can stay anonymous, express oneself, and read other stories from people with the same views. 
Real friendship is two people connecting with each other's hearts, and minds.;)
ksunbiz ksunbiz 41-45, M Jun 9, 2012

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