My Internet Friends Have Actually Been There For Me More Than The Majority Of My Real Life Friends Have. I Trust Them More.

It's so hard, sometimes, to have to justify to other people (ie non internet friends) how you have become friends with someone who isn't in your immediate vicinity. In fact, it's frustrating, because they can't understand why you would do that in the first place. Well, I think it's simple, really. On the internet, you find people that you have more in common with, because you join an online community with the aim of meeting people you have something in common with and sharing your passion or problems with them. can you not have more in common with them?

I've met people online who have changed my life, because I didn't have any friends in my immediate surroundings who were into what I was into, and it was hard to cope with that. Meeting people who share my interests and with whom I can share experiences or stories regarding them has helped me a lot, as well as made me a better person. I trust them more, because I know that ultimately, we're similar. There are things I can't tell my non internet friends for fear that I'll be regarded differently, but I know I won't have that problem with my online friends.

Furthermore, in this current world, aren't we meant to be broadening our horizons and wanting to interact internationally, meet people from all over the world with common interests? Isn't that ultimately something that could have a positive long term effect on society, such as increased tolerance?
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1 Response Jun 10, 2012

Yes,I concur,good post thank you.