I Enjoy My Internet Friends

These people who seemly feel unreal to others become a big part of your life. I know i have connected to people online and shared experiences and become a big part of their lives as well. I always get the questions about those people don't you feel they can lie to you and end up being some creepy person online. My thought is people online do not feel that same criticism that they do in real life their is not that big incentive to lie about who they are or why they are online . Not saying it doesn't occur but that is like real life people will deceive you just easier to deal with them online because their is blocking and such. I have made several online friends that we have become quite close in real life and share our occurrences. I am thankful to have extra connection and more people to share and learn from.
lilkaratepunk lilkaratepunk
18-21, F
Sep 13, 2012