Silly And Naive

Yes, indeed. It may be silly and naive of me to do so, but I am my genuine self online. If anything, I'm more outspoken... masked by the internet, but that doesn't change the fact that I am honest with the people I meet here.  The **** I say is what I mean, what I think, what I'm trying to figure out.  I want to discuss everything with anyone as long as it keeps out thoughts and ideas progressing.  And, of course, the process if exchanging of views tends to bring a closeness, for me, to the person I'm corresponding with.  Inevitably, though, any connection I feel... is broken-hearted when my internet friend and confidant one day just up and disappears.  *Poof*  Like that.  Gone... Never to be heard from again.  *Whoosh*  Outa there.
Silly and naive... I know.  Still... as Pink sings, "... Why do I do that?—why do I do that?!"  
flyinfish flyinfish
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