My Circle

My circle are my real friends. I would much rather sit and spend time with you all than speak with anyone I know outside of EP. So I consider my friends real friends and each one of you make me smile or laugh or think a certain way on a given day. I feel for you guys as I feel you share my emotions. You are important to me so thanks friends. Big hug!
soulrunher soulrunher
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Oh totally agree.... at least the close ones. You are one of them, soul baby.... xo

Aww...thanks Ammy. I love talking with you and being mischievious with you! :) Big hugs!

{{{{Soul}}}} you are a pleasure to do all those with! Especially in tandem with certain others... lol

The sun came out! Did you see! :)

I came, I saw, I got blinded... I came again! ***blush***

Wait for me, I coming to ya know! LOL!!!!

LMAO Never too much, Sun!!! That group {{{{HUG}}}} up there has to be one of the best in all of EP!

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I'm pretty new here, but I agree totally! While I do have a few friends I value in "real life", I
have had a good time here, and met a couple of people here I would consider "real friends".
And I hope to make more! While this could not replace live interaction with others,(for me)
it's certainly a welcome addition to my life.

You forgot the "especially iRant" at the end there. That's okay. I'll let it slide...this time! ;)

Speaking for myself, the feeling is mutual.

You are my oldest friend!!! YOu know you are special!