Friendship Has No Reality Qualifications...

I am sick of when a "real-life" friend asks "so where do you know so and so from?" and when I tell them we met online, they laugh.

I'm sorry to all of my "real" friends, but I might have to slap sense into them if they keep on putting down my friends just because of where I met them.

It wish people would not do that "Oh it's an online friend" thing. Who cares, I love people regardless of how we met or communicate and continue to connect.

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Online friends love to hurt you..better to stick with real life friends who you can actually interact with physically..

i met a girl on the internet. flew her 2000 miles to meet her. hawaiin girl from vegas. brought her to the frozen north in mi. known her for 15 months. been married for 6 1/2 months!!! all is well!!! n i love tellin ppl how happy we both are. friends are friends n thats it!!! dont matter if you met on the net or at a carwash!!!!!

I agree. My "real-life" friend's getting just jealous of how I become so involved with my "online" friends.<br />
He just can't get the feel of the virtual world. But feels jealous with how I talk about the warmth I have with online chats with few friends. Thanks for posting your story.

Yea sure i agree :) Most recent funny happens to me is an online friend comment about me liking an online friend > " When u will start meet real people " gosh ... what was that.

here here! i agree that online relationships can be WAY more fulfilling than real life ones. i lost my virginity to a wonderful guy i met online and have several relationships with others. it helps you get in touch with people outside your area, whereas in "real life" you may only be stuck with the small minded and closed souled people that creep around your home town. ten years ago sayin you met someone online might have been creepy, but nowadays, with all the social websites, it's almost to be expected! your RL friends are just jealous!

this is so true! why does it matter where you met them! half the people i have met on the internet are more genuine and trustworthy than people i see everyday who i used to think were best friends. i have even met someone over the net who became my good friend and 3 years later we became boyfriend and girlfriend. that has lasted over two years! <br />
he is the most genuine sweet caring and loving person ever.. if anything.. he got the internet psycho... with my hormones haha.

oh so glad its not just me :)

Well said my dear!!!! The internet is just another method of communication and people you meet here are no less of a friend than someone in real life. <br />
<br />
In fact, I think some of my friends here are better friends to me than some people in my real life...

If anyone ask about me for whatever reason. Probably because of how awesome i am everyone wants to know the great arorin, but just tell them i am a viking pirate ninja, who you met while i was on a journey to kill the zombie infestation.

* grins* I love all of my friends, I just wish they were closer geographically. That's the downside.

There is nothing wrong with making friends online. In fact, it enhances just how you view the world. I've found that through EP, and Second Life, I have made fast friends with people that I would never have met in my daily life. The internet has brought me an understanding of other people, and their cultures that I never would have gotten elsewhere. The world awaits!

Exactly FluidMind, the way you meet should not make you doubt someone's motives. A liar lies anywhere and a genuine person is just that anywhere as well.

Having grown into IRC and the 'net as it was reaching maturity, I knew this instinctively. People that don't get the connection you can have don't know what they're missing. People who could hold up pen pal relationships would get internet relationships relatively easily. It's basically (except for YouTube and the like) a giant set of written communication to as broad or narrow an audience as you prefer. Having met my 1st and 2nd wives online, I can say that there isn't anything inherently wrong with it. If someone lies to you about who they are, that's on them, not the medium.

I think it takes more than physically being around someone to be friends. Its having things in common, being able to share things with them, and just having that whole 'friend' feel about them. I met a girl online early this year, and she's like my long lost twin. She told me she's the evil one ha. We have met in person but if I only thought of people I met walking down the street as friends, I wouldn't have very many. Online, I have no trouble talking and geTting to know someone. I don't make very good first impressions in person. Too awkward.<br />
Sorry this comment was so long ha

I think some people have limited fr<x>ames of reference, whereas the world is my freaking oyster!

Ahhh, IDM....those are the words I was looking for. Thanks! I love ya. xoxooxoox

I don't define "real-life" friends the way most people do. I have my physical world and my cyber world. If you are a friend, as opposed to an acquaintance, then you are my real life friend. Like many of us, I have to say that most of the people I met online know me way better than those from my physical world. I must admit, I've been quite lucky in that I've actually met most of my closest friends from my cyber world. It does help to cement and personalize the friendship even more.

I joined a pregnancy group in 1996 and we are still together 12 years later. These are my real friends. They know me better than most of my real-life friends. I've had the good fortune to meet some of them IRL, but for those I haven't met yet, they are still near and dear to me. They have enriched my life so much with experiences I never would have had.

I like it on EP and all of my band fan boards...people get me. :)

Lastleafoffall, is so right, I guarantee that people on here know things about me that my "real life" friends know nothing about and probably never will. My closest RL friends have known me since I was 9, that's almost 16 years, and I've only been on here since about July.

I totally agree, my two closest friends know that I met someone special online and despite one of them almost falling for an online moron, only the other one is supportive of it. I don't mind talking about my friends here because no one seems to think that's all that weird but as far as a certain someone, I'm almost embarrassed to talk about it, and at the same time I want to tell everyone about it, but I can't. :/

Well said TRW!! :D