Just joined, so thought I'd say hi before I got all deep with experiences I'm dealing with right now lol.

So hello all, come say 'hi' 😊x
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Hi and welcome to EP!


Hello. Add me.

Hi. How's yer day?

Morning. Not bad thanks. How's yours?x

The usual Tuesday. Been ok. I hate Tuesday cause find it boring. Only like evening part of it.

Everydays a bore to me at the minute!


the question is are you real????

The question is r u real

Am I real?x



hi welcome


hi ! welcome to EP with a hug! Great that you have started off on the path of interacting with unknown people like us here and further preparing to relate here with 'trust'. We are all strangers unless we 'continue' to interact, share, with regularity and with respect. That's when strangers turn into friends and become real, whether on internet or out of it. It's strange that so many people across the world commence a relationship with mistrust and strive all their lives to build trust. good luck and keep well.


Thank you very much. And yes I agree :) x

Some r I do background checks just in case


Look into my wife. She is suspect

You just joined and you use website icons ..

Website icons?

I mean that smile at the end before the letter x

Yep I do. It's easy enough & I have an iphone x

How did you put it there?

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Hi baby

Hi and welcome. I love this site.


hi :)

hi. hope ure ok?

I'm not bad thanks. How's you?x

Hi im new here too

Hi. How you finding it?x


Hello and welcome to EP. I hope you are able to find what you seek.

Hello. :)

Heyyyy x

Hey welcome

hello and enjoy yourself

Hi :)

Hi!! I am a new member here It was started joining last thursday I think. hehe!


Just wanted to say hi, since you asked ;) Also new. Or apparently not as it seems I have been on here in 2012 with some completely different issues. It feels like forever ago. And so much has changed. Anyways, hope your day is well. Take care

Hey there feel free to friend me I am new too :) x

HI and hope you find friends and more here. Feel free to "friend" me I am respectful and love new friends.

Good 20% Friday.

Hi I do to i think it works pretty good most of the time Internet friendship

Yes why not. It's much the same as "normal" friendships. They either work or they don't!x

Hi, I wish you great experience in here! :D

Thank you. So far so good :D x

Hello, seems you came to the right place. I've only been on for a couple weeks but it became addictive quickly. Watch out.

Yes, I already have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot me me lol x

Thats what she said!

Sorry, bad habits.

Lol don't apologise x

Sorry, I won't apologize.

I can be a dumbass. It amuses me.

There's nothing wrong with finding yourself funny, someone's got to haha :p x

Lmao, I walked right into that. Nice.

Yep, with a massive *BANG!!* haha x


What's that?x

You don't know Family Guy? O.o What rock have you been under?

I do. But I'm not a fab of it to be honest :/ x

No what? That's a shame, but I guess the world needs you odd, humorless people. :p

The only thing humourless is Family Guy!! :p x

That is shocking. I know it's not everyone's humor. Oh well, you still seem ok for that.

Honestly, I'll watch one episode, two at a push, after that I've had enough & not laughed once lol. I'm funny kinda girl :) x

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Hi. Welcome to EP.

Why thank you. Hope your day is going well x

Yup. Its going great. Thanks for asking. what with nice people like you around. ;)

How's your day?

I do try my best lol. My days ok. Lazy day for me x

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Heyyy :)

how are you

Urmm, not too bad thanks. How's yourself?x