Even Though I Think It Is a Little Odd

friends can be friends through mail and over the phone, why not with the help of the internet? i just think that love doesnt happen over the internet, because love is, almost by definition, intimate and i just think that that kind of intamacy is lost over the internet

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you seem not to understand, how could you love someone who is not there? i, mean love as friends is possible, but i mean a deeper kind of love. the kind of love where you could just sit on a bench with the person for hours not saying a word and being completly happy. that ind of love i dont beleive is possible exclusivly over the internet. If you can meet, then i bet you could fall in love, but without that it's impossible

I think it love can happen over the internet but I think it takes time. Also, both parties would have to be honest with one another before it happens. I have a couple of friends who met their s/o online and have been together happily for many years. So it is possible.


you are my friend Yuujin :)