Yes! I have internet friends :) they are from Dubai and Japan :) the three of us are really close :) i am from the Philippines. I met my friend from Dubai through a mutual friend on facebook. we started chatting and we have similar likes. we both love animes, mangas and Japanese cultures. She's a girl and we always leave messages on fb. we've been friends for 3 years. then, we met a guy from Japan. he too became our friend. he likes to joke and fool me XD even though i can't see them and be with them, i know that they are always there to support me. they are the best people I've met.
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Hello! I'm also from Philippines (Luzon)

I have a friend from Poland :D

hai im from philippines also..

Hi! in what part of the Philippines?

im from mindanao.. how about u?

I'm from Samar :)

Add me on hangout, my I'd is

is this your fb or yahoo?

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