Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?

Friends are nothing more or less than that; if they weren't considered to be such they wouldn't still be in my consciousness.

Online for 10+ years I have chatted with many but only a few remain in my listings.  Most delete themselves through showing a lack of net etiquette in their emails or remarks on forums indicating they have less knowledge of a topic they comment on and cause me to mentally filter them out.

Anyone of sound mind can most certainly discern rather quickly the realness of an online person in much the same manner we determine the standards of people within our real world.  Keep your emotions minimized and let your common sense rule.  Yes I have entertained my share of surprises with some online acquaintances over time but overall I feel we, as always, get what we are really looking for in our real "friends."

The net hosts "chat" and forums for every imaginable subset of the human species.  I favor playing Spades online and a portion of determining your friends in those sites involves determining their personal makeup along with cardplaying prowess as it is a "team" and partnering endeavor and thus your success and enjoyment depends upon your trust and cohesiveness.  Why not utilize the same standards in judging the attraction or unattraction you find in all online relationships?

Being deeply interested and involved in eCommerce has provided the true listhmus test for determination of online authenticitgy, support and respect.  A great array of self-annointed "gurus," pretenders and get-rich-quick snakeoil salespeople swim the eCommerce waters constantly searching for the unaware and unitiated and to seperate them from their money.  That does not mean I refrain from all newsletter subscriptions or never purchase any program offers although I temper that in saying the past 6 years have been spent purusing and investigating literally thousands of various vendors within this community.  Honestly speaking, my list of trusted and appreciated vendors in eCommerce is barely ten persons or companies.  Beware of the wolf dressed in sheep clothing!

Quite the same holds true regarding online "friends."  Many, many sites utilize a "friends" tag or button though in fact we should label them simply "acquaintances" and dileneate until we have actually formalized a "friends" list of contacts.  We have neighbors on all sides of us but how many of these do we actually term friends?  Trust should be gained, not given.


Fiftysumthin Fiftysumthin
Mar 28, 2009