The anonymity of the internet makes it possible for people to behave in ways that would be totally unacceptable in person. From trolls to bullying to worse...

But I know that there are other people sitting a their computers, just as I am, reaching out for the connections we find here.

There will always be trolls, but for every troll, there will be many who are genuine, real people who add depth to my life.


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I admit I am sending the same msg out to several of you, because I know that only a tiny few will be interested in a much older, married guy near the Forest of Dean, UK But. have a look at my profile, and see if you like me. I'm not one-track minded, I can talk about anything you like.

Well said. I've never known why people go online and be mean or bully random people. I have no doubt they are miserable in real life also.


: )

Tears in my eyes? No way! =(<br />
<br />
You got me good!

We are loving here, I like it. And I know there are reall people in the web for sure, I know this first hand. So keep on writing that some of us receive your comments very well... hugs

Bit of advice, my friend. Flag them when they come into your path, but don't go looking for them. If you do that, you're just wasting your time, and getting your blood pressure up for no reason. Stay in the places that are good for you, and EP will be a good place. If you seek out these people, you will find them, and there is no purpose in that.

Exactly, guys..<br />
<br />
If we stay away from those areas, we don't notice as much. Sure, I'll get an add from "BigUnit69" or something (That's not a real username. At least I hope its not...) occasionally, and I delete and move on. But mostly, I find people who are just here to write and comment. And as Bass says, some gems along the way. Quite a few gems, actually. Or fruitloops...: )

Fruitloops are we ... :P

I tend to find the good people in the majority ...O

I have found it's possible to avoid it ... or perhaps I've just been lucky and it's avoided me! Whatever the reason I have had no problem with EP, but I sympathise with those who have had difficulties. I still find it a wonderful place for friendship and support and you are right that the majority on here are decent people.

I have found the proportion of good souls to trolls to be alarmingly low but am thankful for some gems along the way. I remain hopeful :)

Well, they're still here at EP, but if you steer clear of it, and ignore it, it's not as big of a deal.

I think that generally, that's the reaction they're hoping for. :-)

u r right..i wonder why ppl want to hurt others even on ep..<br />
u seem a good person though

With enough time, most things will come to the surface, I think :)

I agree with this story. I had a good friend who just seemed to become quite a demon when she was online. She used to tell men in the chatroom that she was a highly qualified theatre nurse when in fact she worked in the local clog factory. Now, I''m not putting down people who work in the clog industry, but it was a bit far from the truth! One day, when she didn't feel too well , she asked me to pick up some photos from a very small shop in the local precint. Well of course, I went to deliver the film and then collect after the photos had been developed. The staff in the shop seemed a bit evasive and one of them started giggling and went toward the rest room. I felt a bit uncomfortable.<br />
<br />
Well, I'm not a perfect person so when I got back to my car with the said photos, I thought I may as well have a look (well wouldn't you?) . My friend was in the photos in a revealing nurse outfit and I know these were to be forwarded to certain men online. I felt a bit sad that she just couldn't have been herself. <br />
<br />
However, we are still friends but I just won't pick up any photographs again for her. Just be warned that everything on the net can be questioned. Who are you fooling with fibs like this? Just yourself I think.

Aice - yes, I'm real. Flesh and blood, and mostly nice, even. :)<br />
<br />
Bboy - I understand. It's scary sometimes. It took a very long time for me to be really close to anyone here, giving out email address and then phone number to a few. It's still scary when I do. There are bad people out there. But I guess when you get to know people so is a little easier to trust. <br />
<br />
Puggy - no doubt! I also love my friends here and they have helped me through a lot of rough patches. <br />
<br />
Lilitha - It is stupid, and unfortunately, you'll see it if you stay around long enough. But remember the good people. They're worth it. :)

So far I have met only very nice people on ep! :) I love communicating to people all over the world who understand me. <br />
Personally, I've never understood why do people want to behave badly on the net. Seems very stupid to me.

I have to admit, if it was not for my EP friends here..I dont know how I would've coped with life's ****....there are just things you cant talk to face to face with your friends in flesh......sad, but true.....I need my cyber friends like I need my morning coffee !

I totally agree with you, but I'm still scared of the Internet. Maybe someday I won't be. Thanks for the story =)

你好,我相信你是真实的!I think you are real``could i add you to my fried .

Yeah Scoobs. I had to vist the group to get past the asterisks. Frisky, <br />
<br />
Sounds great to me, Sarah!

let frisky hour begin!

I'm pretty sure I saw it when I flagged that last idiot's profile.

Yes, Scoobs. I'll send you a link to that group. ;)<br />
<br />
Thanks, Snowbunny. :-)

Very true! Awesome post :)

I've been frisky all week. Unfortunately it was mostly by myself. There's some sort of term for that isn't there?


No. I have been involved in no friskiness for days. If we can't do better, I'm going t o need to find another site to have frisky hour on. >:-/<br />
<br />
A girl has needs, you know??

You guys had "frisky hour" without me??? Wow .. this place really is changing ... LOL!

Scooby - I miss frisky hour too, dammit!! The jackassery has to return sometime, right? Right???<br />
<br />
Sarah - Thanks :) It's a great place, for sure!

*giggles @ Des* it's always sappy hour these days, I think. <br />
<br />
Sappy - Thanks. It's easy to feel the taint of those few bad ones sometimes. And I keep hearing so many people from different circles talking about how different things are lately. And they are. But sincerity is still around. And that's worth it for me.

I agree glowy! I have met some really good peeps here....thanks for the nice writing!

I always miss frisky hour. :-(

Did someone call Sappy ??? LOL<br />
<br />
Love your story and I agree with you. I've always found the majority of people here to be genuine, sincere and caring. : )

(((Des)))<br />
<br />
And you for me.

Just trying to put things into perspective my dears. I love all three of you and want you to be happy.

I keep trying to remember that too. I know its probably some 15 yo smart ***, maybe even its someone who needs help, but it just gets to a person from time to time.....

Very true :)